Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Memorial Weekend Friends & Crafts

We had wonderful friends come visit
over Memorial Day Weekend.
Our children's god-parents.
Their children are the closest thing
our children will ever get to cousins.
We loved having them here.
But six kids, three days....
We needed some plans!

So we roasted marshmallows:

Had a huge sleepover:

(Yes, that's 5 out of 6 kids down there on the floor!)

Played outside:

Went to the park:

Ate outside:

(Our dog thought it was her lucky day! All those food-dropping-kids at one table!)

And of course, crafted!
I went for double duty.
One day we painted small flower pots,
the next day we planted flowers in them!

So now, even though we live far apart,
we can grow our flowers "together".

Here is Three's traced hand and Two's princess
(how happy was I about that request?!?):

ps. I'm going to spray them with some
clear coat spray paint
so they can endure a life outside.

By the way, these little pots
would make great gifts for the grandparents!

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