Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sunday & Four's Baptism

Our church does the baptism
as part of the children's sermon:

All of my kids have worn my grandad's,
their great-grandad's, baptismal gown.

It's at least 100 years old
and made from the thinnest muslim
with lace and hand-embroidered daisies.
It's actually a dress and a lining
and has the eensiest little shell buttons in the back.

Love sentimental stuff like that.
None of my cousins wanted it
for their children.
I think they might be a bit crazy
but I really can't complain because
I am so happy to have it for my own babies.

Four did so good during the baptism,
she didn't cry and she even had
her very own hallelujah moment:

Love it!

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