Thursday, June 17, 2010


Today was One's last day of school!
It's incredible to me that he'll
be a 2nd grader!
Part of me is sad,
part of my is so excited!
He's my handful
and I keep thinking it'll get easier
when he figures out this whole
growing up thing.

Like, mom's in charge,
I don't always get my way....
that kind of thing.

So I was all fine with picking him up
on the last day of school.
Wasn't really planning on getting emotional.

Until I saw this:

All of the teachers and staff lining up to wave
good-bye to the students.

The kids were hanging out of buses
yelling good-bye to their favorite teachers,
the buses were going super slow
to give the kids time for that one last goodbye,
beeping their horns in celebration.
It was so moving.

One's teacher even came back from maternity leave
with her 2 week old baby so she could be there:

That got me bawling.
I love my kids' school!

Then here comes my boy:

(With the crossing guard/recess duty/who-knows-what-else guy, Jesse, whom he adores.)

Waving to his mama.

And oh my, it hit me...

My boy is growing up!

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