Monday, June 28, 2010

Not your mama's salad dressing!

I am doing what I can to raise
independent children.
I don't want my sons' wives
to complain that they didn't learn
to cook or clean up or do laundry...
(like I do....ahem....moving on)

Have I even mentioned that One
is an early bird?
Like 6am and he's ready to go?
Even on the weekends?

Well, I try to tell all my children
that they are my favorite,
but at 6am?
If you wake me up at 6am on a Saturday,
you are definitely not my favorite.

So we've gotten into the habit
of turning to PBS before we go to bed
so that One can turn on the TV in the morning
to something I don't have to worry about.
And now that he can -and loves- to read,
the early mornings can be filled
without any help from mama.

Until he gets this crazy notion
that he's hungry.

What's up with that?

Enter this little miracle:

It's not salad dressing gone bad...
it's an empty salad dressing bottle
filled with milk!!!

So now we store the cereal
down below the cabinets,
and even a few bowls too,
so that One can make
his own cereal in the morning.

Two has started doing it too.
She feels so grown up
getting to pour her own milk!

It's been such a great thing!
I can sleep past 6am,
One can be my favorite again,
Two feels independent...

Everybody wins!

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