Saturday, March 28, 2009

The avocado

If you want to make your own baby food,
this is the best book ever.

I started making baby food when One was a baby. Turns out he was allergic to some of the acid used as a preservative in the jarred baby food. It also meant he couldn't drink orange juice or eat other acidic things until after he was potty trained.

I know that's a weird leap, but trust me on that one, you don't want the details.

Making your baby food is so easy! And cheap! This book lays it out month by month, tells you how to cook everything, when it's in season, and how to know which ones are ripe.... It's a wonderful book and I even found my copy at a local used-book shop.

Now, everyone has a Martha story. And somehow, mine involves making baby food. Before I ever had children, I saw a show on making baby food. They were going over the basics, with one of the last steps being to strain the food to get out any and every lump. Martha joked that you could drop that step for your third child. For some reason I found that so funny at the time and it stuck with me but sure enough, when I started making food for Three, I thought about that show and went,

Oh, he's fine.

Tonight Three tried avocado for the first time. One and Two hated it when they were infants. I wasn't expecting much success but Three seemed to enjoy them. He is certainly his own little guy!

Avocado: B+

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