Friday, March 6, 2009

Secret Family Recipe

I'm on the women's committee at church and we are putting together the menu for our annual tea. This year we decided to do a trio of salads and they asked for my tuna recipe. I've never met anyone who makes tuna the way I do ...... or many that want to try it when I tell them what goes in it ...... but once they (politely) try it, they start making it themselves too! It's yummy!

Now, there is no real recipe for this. I've made it my entire life and just know but that wouldn't cut it for the tea, where several people would be making batches of it so that we would have enough. So today I did my best to come up with an approximate recipe.

Here are the ingredients:

(mayo, apple, tuna, and garlic salt)

Drain the tuna, finely chop half of the apple, and mix together with 2 Tbs of mayo and 1/8 tsp of garlic salt. That's it! It's especially good if made the night before but it doesn't really matter! You can make a sandwich, serve on crackers....I like eating mine as dip with tortilla chips!

The finished product isn't especially beautiful, but it's delicious!


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