Thursday, March 19, 2009

Sick Day

We have caught the crud that has been going around. Most of my days this past week have been spent snuggling a sick kid. I don't have any crafts to share so I thought I would at least drop in for a few fun stories:

Two has started having nightmares. I don't know if it's a developmental stage or if she's just not sleeping as well that's what's causing it, but when she's having a nightmare, she always calls out for DaddyMan. He gets the big sobs and story. One night, right after he came back to bed, she called for me! When I went in, I got the sweetest "I love you". Oh. Melt my heart. Throw in the fact that Two has been working on her LLLLL's in speech and she really really said "I love you" and not "I wuv you"..... wow. It was such a sweet sweet moment.

Three lifted his hands up to me today! I took a baby sign class with One and that teacher said you can tell when a baby is old enough to sign when they raise their arms up to you to be held. Now, I don't know if they have to do it without me reaching for them but today I went to pick up Three and for the first time he actually raised his arms up to me! Hurray! I'm such a huge fan of baby sign, I'm excited to get back into it again. So far we've been working on "diaper change" and "more".

Spring Break officially started for One today. When I went to pick him up, his teacher asked if I could stay after to look at some of his work! Oh no! Nothing good went through my head. Cheating? And we've all seen the email going around with the kid drawing of the mom working at the Home Depot but it really looks like a stripper pole? Yeah. Well, she ended up showing me a progression of his writing from the first of the year to today and it was incredible! He went from copying a short three word sentence to writing a detailed story with spaces in between all the words, capitals at the beginning of each sentence and periods at the end! All that is big time in the kindergarten crowd. Anyway, at this point he's actually "passed" kindergarten writing! Wahoo! Mrs P said this was what made teaching kindergarten so exciting! I'm so honored and proud. She's really a fantastic teacher and WAY TO GO ONE!!!

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