Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Balloon Fest!

Sorry for posting for the entire last week today! I've been keeping up in pictures and crafts but haven't been able to post due to a sick computer mouse. :o( I really love my blog reading and posting and have ended up watching a lot more tv in the last week instead! (WOW on The Bachelor and Dancing with the Stars!)

One helped me blow up FIFTY balloons today! I didn't even know he could inflate a balloon but it was such a huge help! I offered to do the activity at tonight's Tuesday Treasures gathering. It's a fun, VBS-type thing for adults with developmental disabilities. We're going to be keeping balloons in the air with our hands and heads and elbows and also playing a Clean Your Room type of game. Should be fun! The kids especially love Tuesday Treasure nights. And it is the best incentive for them to have good behavior because they don't want to miss it!

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