Thursday, March 12, 2009

Is it pink?

Oh my! DaddyMan took One to school today and they promptly called and asked us to bring him back home!

This made me rather upset. Granted, another kindergartener had pink eye last week and here's One coming to school with a puffy eye... Certainly a cause for a second look BUT.... on Monday (a mere three days ago), I had warned his teacher that this was One's allergy season and he got it bad. His eyes would get super puffy, it might even look like he had black eyes... It's really awful looking. Aside from some mega-allergy medicine and some drops to make his eyes more comfortable, we count the days until it passes.

Oh yeah, we're also supposed to keep him inside until after noon.
Mmm hmmm.
That's what the doctor said.
She obviously does not have a 5 year old boy.

Even when DaddyMan told the school about One's allergies, they still made him come home. They said he had pink eye.

Even though he had no crud.
Even though his eyes weren't scratchy.
Even though the white part was still white.
Even though bright light didn't bother him whatsoever.

Ugh. I was convinced it was still allergies but what to do? Finally, I realized that I should probably take him to the doctor anyway because I was for sure going to need a note to get him back into school.

Because I'm such a stellar mom, I didn't think of this until almost 4pm and ended up with one of the last appointments of their day.

The doctor said yes it was allergies but since allergies typically affect both eyes, "I'm gonna go ahead and write a prescription for the pinkeye eyedrops".

So does he have pink eye or not?!?
I still don't know!

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