Monday, January 11, 2010

Not Me Monday: The one requiring a tetanus shot.

Well, it was not me who did something I know I shouldn't have done.

In my rush to get dinner into the crockpot early, just minutes before I needed to pick Two up from preschool, I did not do something that led to me not only ruin dinner before it even got started, but prevented me from picking up my child as well. Nope!

As I was not rushing to open cans to dump into my crockpot, I did not decide that my very-old-can-opener did a "good enough" job and just decide to push in the tomato sauce lid enough to pour the sauce out. I would never do this because I am always patient enough to work with my very-old-can-opener until a can is fully opened. When not pushing in the lid, like I have not done a million times, it gave! And boy did it! And of course, because I did not want to get cut, I did not jerk my hand out of there as fast as I could. Which, judging by the cut on my finger, was obviously not fast enough. Hmmm.

Pressure, cold water. Yup. Only, now I was late to pick up my daughter. I did not bleed all over the phone (or the floor, or the counter) while calling my mom to see if she could pick up Two. Or then calling my doctor for a tetanus shot. No, once again my patience won out and I waited until I could dial without creating a bio-hazard situation.

At the doctor's trip that ensued, they did not tell me that I could not have a tetanus shot! Even though I was well beyond the needing-to-have-the-shot-in-the-last-5-yrs range in cases of actual cutting on metal! There was no information on how the shot would affect #4 so they did not instead proceed to tell me all the warning signs of lock jaw!!!

While I was a little crazy about not getting the tetanus shot, the flip side was that I couldn't get my finger wet for a week. This did not lead to me telling DaddyMan that I couldn't wash dishes....

Just like when I got a 15 lb lifting restriction put on me earlier in my pregnancy...I definitely didn't tell DaddyMan that meant I could no longer do laundry... Nope, not me! :o)

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  1. woot! love that you got a "get-out-of-dishes-free" week out of the whole deal!

  2. Wow, you certainly had an eventful day! I can't believe they scared you like that about lock jaw??? And I had no idea that the affects of a tetanus shot were unknown on a pregnant woman. That's so scary!

    Confessions From A Working Mom

  3. Awwww...poor finger!

    I have not have a tetanus shot since I was a kid. You're supposed to have them every 5 years???