Thursday, January 21, 2010

Welcome Home Quilt: Part 2

I have not abandoned the blog!
I have a sick computer.
And yes, I fully blame DaddyMan.
Because although he is a major computer nerd
our computer is broken more than
anybody else's I know!
Because he likes to do "stuff".
I don't even know.
Stuff that makes my stuff run slow.
So now we have a substitute computer
while our computer is at the doctor.
For a month.

Silver Lining: It's still under warranty!
Okay, smile.

Moving on!

****Spoiler Alert!!!*****

****Look away NOW if you just bought your first house!****

I must be bad at math or something.
And not like math math,
but simple math.
Like counting.


Because I set out to make 20 blocks
and ended up with 22.
I cut up 10 FQ's,
they each had enough pieces
to make 2 complete blocks.
10 FQ x 2 blocks = 20 complete blocks

Now, the completed blocks are fabulous!
I figured out the dimentions
without a pattern.
Doing all sorts of math
and adding 1/4 inches and 1/2" where appropriate....
Hard stuff.

But counting out 10 FQ?
Ummm, apparently over my head
because all I can figure out
is that I counted out
eleven FQ.

Not 10.

Maybe I skipped a number???
It's easy to see how one could get confused.
I mean 1-10, it's kind of tricky!

But I laid out all the completed squares
and I am seriously loving this quilt.

And I actually like the extra length
another row added so
I'm going to add solid blocks
in two diagonal corners
to make it all work.

Here's hoping I can at least count to 2!

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