Monday, January 4, 2010

Not Me Monday: The one with the gum

It was not my child who took gum without asking. Especially since he knows he's not allowed to have gum. This rule may or may not have come from the fact that the last time he was actually allowed to have gum....I found it -chewed- on the floor. On carpet.

Saturday night, I did not discover my child chewing gum. When asked, he recovered the not-taken-from-Daddy's-stocking gum package from his room. After I did not give him a talking to, I did not figure the issue was officially "Handled."

Therefore, on Sunday, when I was cleaning off our dining room table, I was not horrified and irritated to find gum on my table!!! Not on the top, no, on the sneaky sides. Knowing which child was the culprit, that child was not immediately sentenced to cleaning off the gum plus the grodies that were not under the table. (That would just be gross.) Upon further cleaning, I did not proceed
to find four more pieces of gum!!!

Obviously I was not livid or completely frustrated! Plus, come on, my kid is smart. Doesn't he realize that if he just put the gum in the trash, I might never know about it?!?

And of course, when I sat to to write my Not Me Monday post, wondering what I might write about, I certainly did not find yet another piece of gum.....this time a different color....on the floor, immediately in front of the computer.

Where is all this gum coming from?!? I don't even buy gum!

ps. My child, who is not currently on my, not-my-favorite-child list (who has one of those? Certainly not me!) is now responsible for taking out the trash all week. From every single trash can. Think he might be able to find a trash can to put his not-swiped gum in by the end of it?

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  1. Awww, but how can you be angry with a face like that?

    I don't know why, but your story reminded me of the scene from Elf, where Will Ferrell's character tries to eat all the gum stuck on the fence. GROSS!

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