Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Sixteen Months!

Guess who?
It's Three!!!

He looks just like my baby pics here:

And oh my gosh, how I love those cheeks!

At 16 mos, Three:
*is still hovering around 20 lbs (under the weight chart)
*has 8 teeth
*can point to his head, nose, and feet
*says mama, dada, "Two", baby, thank you, Maisy (our dog), book, bye-bye, & go
*signs more, all done, drink & light
*uses a fork really well, but a spoon is a disaster
*generally starts chucking his food on the floor when he's all done
*loves to give kisses, blow raspberries, and make car noises
*sleeps through the night, and takes 1-2 naps a day
*is such a mama's boy, to the point that he has no lovey, just me
*comes over every few minutes to lay his head on whatever part of me is available for a quick hug, then back to play
*loves to climb on the couch so he can pull on the lampshade of our side table lamps
*can blow his nose
*likes to pull things out of the recycle
*sometimes puts his milk cup in odd places, like the cookie sheet cupboard

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