Sunday, August 9, 2009

Birthday Prep and Two's Party!

Party Day has arrived!
Last minute preparations have been completed.
Here's a run-down of Two's birthday party!

First up, decorations!

The tutorial for these pom-poms is here.
I spent entirely too long in the DollarStore wavering between multi-colored tissue paper and glittery-white tissue paper. I'm glad I went with color!

Some twisted crepe-paper.......Yellow, of course!
Dangling foil princess cut-outs
and this bannerPicture of the table:
(Two leaned in so she could "smile for the cupcakes")

Princesses naturally drink from fine china.
I've been collecting teacups from Goodwill.
This one is Two's favorite:

Okay, on to the party!

When the girls arrived, they started at the pampering table.

Manicures and rings:

We made this little paper of Two's handprints out of construction paper for the girls to put their hands on while they were being polished. It worked great to keep their hands still (and away from their pretty dresses) and is a great keepsake for me!

We used a hair dryer handy so the polish would dry quicker:

Lipstick, blush, and earrings (thank you DollarStore!):

Group picture after some dancing:

One escorted each of the girls during our fashion show:

With her cupcake:

On her last day of being three:

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