Monday, August 31, 2009

Tie-Dye & Youth

I love our youth!
And they love my kids!
My kids love them too!

So at the End-of-Summer Party
they play soccer together,
take them down HUGE homemade slip-n-slides
made even more slippery with dawn dish soap...
(hello, that totally counts as a bath too! :o) )
and help them make tie-dye!

(tie-dye kits that include turquoise and/or fushia will always be bright and vivid!)

Everyone wore their shirts to church yesterday
(We are a fun church!)
and here's what my kiddos sported:

As a tangent:
Any babysitter I've had,
which I admit is not many,
are all from our youth group.
When people ask for babysitter suggestions,
you guessed it,
it's always someone from the youth group!

I've often wondered how people
who don't go to church
find babysitters!

So here is my unsolicited advice:
If you ever need a babysitter, ask
a) high school teacher
b) a church go-er

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