Saturday, August 8, 2009

Kids Grow

I've always wanted a "growth wall" to mark the kids' height as they grow.
We didn't do it at our old house because we knew we would be there for only a few years. If our current house isn't our last house, we'll certainly be here for awhile, so we found a measuring spot on our wall.

But what if we move? We can't exactly bring the wall with us!

Then I saw a great idea at this blog. (It's one of my favorites. You can hunt for the exact post if you'd like. You'll no doubt find many other inspirations over there too!)

I got a 1"x4"x8' piece of wood from the hardware store.
DaddyMan cut them to 6ft and attached two yard sticks.
I bought HomeDepot yard sticks for 61 cents each.
You could pay $7 at Joann's for one's that didn't have a brand name on them
buuuutttttt, did I mention the one's at Home Depot were 61 cents?

Your wood is wider than the yard sticks
so after you attach the yard sticks
you still have room to mark your childs height
and write the date.

Best of all, you never have to leave them behind if you move!

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