Thursday, August 27, 2009

Bye-Bye Monkey!

Today we sent our monkey off to his new owner.

We gave it an extra hug to pass on to its preschool burn victim.

Bye bye Monkey! Be good!

ps. Reason #51 why I love my town: The man at the post office let my kids actually stamp the package! You know, the official punch stamp with the date and originating zip code and all that? That one! So cool!

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  1. Hi Jennifer!
    Thanks for leaving me a comment. After I commented on your blog I started thinking maybe that was weird! :) Funny you should mention that "ella" banner on Crystal's blog. It's not for me, but for a moment when I saw it I thought I had won the giveaway!! Eventhough she has no idea the names of my kids. I was excited for a brief second.

    Love your sock monkey. I'll have to check that out. Such a great thing that you and everyone are doing!! And......your post office sounds much more fun than the one I go to. ;O)

    Have a wonderful weekend. I'll keep my eye out for you around town, the zoo, etc.
    ~Linda :O)