Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Day of Hearts

Oh. My. Goodness.

I just measured One and he has grown an entire inch in the last five months! Half an inch in the last month alone! What's up with that?!

This morning I went with a friend to pick out a fancy-dancy dress for some special high school functions. We went to Abby's Closet, a fabulous organization. It's not the typical shopping experience because all of the dresses have been donated by people and stores, so they don't necessarily have every dress in every size... You can fall in love with a dress that's not your size or one that has already been snagged by a different girl... It's slightly challenging but she found a fantastic dress. Here's the winner! Isn't she beautiful?!

Maybe Two could learn something from her?
Check out this outfit she put together all by herself...

So of course I have to post about Valentine's! DaddyMan and I went out last night for Valentine's. Tonight we're celebrating with the kids.

We got the "heart"/superman-shaped pizza from Papa Murphy's.

We had a cute assistant chef and ate on our valentine plates:

Chocolate hearts:

A cute baby:

And look at the craftiness DaddyMan put together!

(These are just the heart-shaped chocolates inside an empty toilet paper roll, wrapped in tissue paper and tied with raffia.)

Happy Valentine's Day!

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