Friday, February 20, 2009

Flashlight Friday

Another flashlight friday has come and gone again. This one was super exciting for mom! When I asked One to go pick out a book, he asked if he could read it in bed! So my kids ended up reading in bed by flashlight and totally fell asleep early! Love it!

My crafty life has been a bummer recently. DaddyMan has had to work late recently to meet a deadline which meant my one night out with the girls....I didn't get to go. It's only once a month. I love it. But we are a one-income family and that job has to be more important than my night out. Throw in the fact that Three has decided the swing is not all that, that he must be held in order to sleep, and that it would be really fun to wake up wide awake at 10pm and any opportunity I had of crafting has gone out the window!

Then DaddyMan finally joined the facebook craze. Turns out some of his high school buddies are playing in town tonight. Of course he has to go! I mean, if some of my old friends were in town, I would want to be there in a heartbeat. I do not begrudge this night out for him. So it's another night of no crafts for me but I am anticipating a few hours of free time tomorrow where I can go crazy!

Here's the ruffle hat I'd love to finish:

Check out the high-class stitch marker (top right) and the funky folded wire holding a dropped stitch (bottom left) that I'm hoping I'll remember how to work back up. Classy, huh?

I also plan on doing this craft from Little Bit Funky. I have all of the materials....just need to do it!

Might also make one of these.

So much to do! Can't wait! Check back tomorrow to see if I actually got any of it done!

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