Monday, February 16, 2009

I ♥ Post Options!

Yes, I heart post options because I can write today's post tomorrow and still make it look like today. Totally confused? That's because I'm cheating. I'm really writing this on Tuesday and just making it look like it's still Monday. See why I heart post options? :o)

Anyway, "today" (see? now you're in on it too!) I'm having a nightmare of a time making this:

(picture from Little Sesame Knits)

I've borrowed double-pointed needles but since Two apparently has a humongous head, I needed 320 stitches to stay on them and it wasn't working! After a trip to joann's to buy more of the same size needles to put the stitches on (yes, just for two rows, I know) it's looking pretty good and I'm several rows into it.

And here's our muffin tin monday meal of the night:

From top left: applesauce, mashed potatoes w/ onion gravy, carrots,
swedish meatballs from IKEA-yum!, green beans, and olives

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