Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Finishing Touches

Today was Two's half birthday! She's officially three and a half now. My word, how'd she get so big? Here she is with some of her ballet friends before class this morning. Her favorite things about ballet are the poky-poky and "the farm song.... it starts with an F!" (also known as "old macdonald" with a hilarious techno beat)

That's Two on the left. Check out that pose! :o)

I was wondering how we were going to turn the crayon hearts into actual valentines. The website I got the craft from suggested large pop dots from the scrapbook section, but hello, I am a cheap-o and those are a bit spendy. I wanted to use my hot glue gun but wasn't sure about the wax/construction paper/hot glue combo but it worked! I had to use a ton of hot glue and wait until it was completely cooled before I could even think of touching/moving them, but it worked great. And still came off easily when I wanted to peel it off. Perfect!

I added the phrase (a direct copy from the website) "You 'color' my world"

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