Thursday, February 5, 2009

Freedom of choice

Nursing shirt choices, that is. You see, I really love my nursing shirts from motherhood but haven't liked any of the choices for spring. Throw in the spendy prices of the shirts even if they did end up coming out with some I liked and there you have my dilemma. What's a mom to do? Well, I realized that I do have a double-layer nursing shirt with long sleeves that won't make the cut for spring but gave me a great idea. What if I came up with an under-layer that could go under any shirt, thus making it possible for any shirt to become a nursing shirt? Then I could buy any shirt I wanted! Genius!

I found this shirt in the target pj/workout clothing section for $5.

Then I put it on and marked with dots where I wanted the slits to start and stop and cut my slits. (That's a blue shirt on the inside so it would be easier to see.)
I don't think jersey knit ravels, but just in case I did zig-zag the raw edges. So there you go! I tried it on under a t-shirt and you can't see the edges of the slits at all. I think I'll have to make another one!

Edited March '09: Well, I've made a few of these now and after a few small changes, I have to say, my favorite shirt has the slits all the way on the sides by the side seams (still going up fairly high). It's a muscle-man shirt from the men's underwear section and it's proven to do perfect double duty as a nursing liner and layering shirt...protecting modesty from the top of the shirt to the bottom!

In other news, Three rolled over today! A pretty amazing feat considering I hardly ever lay him on the ground. He is named Three afterall. :o) Too many other little feet for me to be comfortable with it unless I am right there next to him. So, hurray Three! He's such a big boy. As Two says, "he's almost a grown-up now!" Not quite, but he does just happen to be 21 wks today!

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  1. This is so simple, yet so stinkin' brilliant!!! I don't really have any nursing clothes (too cheap to buy them) and I am always stressing out about what I am going to wear when I go out that won't be too scandalous when I am nursing. I am off to attack my tank tops with scissors right now! Thanks so much for a great idea!