Tuesday, February 24, 2009

December 5th

Growing up, my grandmother made us each bucilla stockings like these. I still have mine and I've made them for One and Two so far. Well, not last Christmas but the Christmas before (2007) I fell in love with this advent calendar by the same company and bought it after-christmas.

I had high hopes.

I had almost an entire year to make it.

But all of a sudden it was Thanksgiving and I hadn't even started. Now, not only do I have to finish the advent calendar by Thanksgiving or so, I need to make Three's stocking too! I know that's so far away right now but these are humongous projects, so I have committed to working on it a little every week. I'm hoping that little baby steps with get me there without leaving me overwhelmed and without the advent calendar for yet another year.

So, without further ado,
I would like to introduce,
December 5th!

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