Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Yes, absolutely, 100% crazy. Why? Because we started hosting cub scouts tonight! Yes, DaddyMan and a fellow DaddyFriend are co-leading the cub scouts....at our house!

Oh. My. Goodness.

But it sounds like they will be fantastic leaders. Their games and activities looked like so much fun. So fun that Two really wanted to be a cub scout so bad tonight. But something about a little sister and a big brother/Important Scout didn't sound like a great mix, so as much as I wanted to hang out and watch the craziness (see how good I'm doing at staying out of it?), I knew I had to get Two out of there. Fortunately, my mom lives close so we went over there and they rocked and talked and snuggled in the rocking chair the whole time.

Here's BEFORE:

Here's AFTER:
Do you see them?! Do you see the two little teeny patches that I sewed onto One's brand-spankin'-new cub scout shirt?! Wow! Scouting for Food and Pinewood Derby! One can't even wear his shirt until the end of this month but look at him go!

Let me just say though, that those two little patches were a BREEZE compared to DaddyMan's patches for his leader shirt! I paid to have One's patches sewn on but opted to sew on DaddyMan's myself. Thought I would save a little money. Ugh. I'm not very good with a thimble so I usually end up ditching it which means, after two days of sewing, my fingers are killing me and I still don't have all of his patches on! That additional $25 doesn't sound so bad now. Maybe tomorrow I'll finally have before/after's of his shirt. I can promise you, the difference is much more noticeable than One's two teeny (but very proud) patches!

ps. Sra M wore her apron again today!

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