Saturday, February 28, 2009

It's official!

One is now a real cub scout!
That's as opposed to the fake status of "lion" that they give all the kinders since cub scouts doesn't technically start until 1st grade.

Here are the boys in their brand new shirts:

And here's One with his fancy new "scarf, I mean neckerchief"!
The mom leading the ceremony had to keep correcting herself. I guess it's just not manly to call them scarves. I think he looks adorable either way!

Unfortunately, DaddyMan was not completely accurate in his recollection of which sleeve one of his patches went on.... So lookout, DaddyMan might be writing his own crafty post on here one of these days - you know, the one where he sews that patch onto the correct sleeve? It should be a good one! :o)

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