Thursday, February 12, 2009

Minty, Chocolate-y Goodness

I usually leave the cub scout activities to DaddyMan, but a recent "derby race" seemed like a special event I should attend. Turns out the race was doing double-duty as a monthly troop (? like I know) meeting which meant it turned into a looooong afternoon. However, they auctioned off a few desserts as a fundraiser and so here, my friends, is the $35 recipe which can be yours ("if you call in the next five minutes!") for the very low price of approximately $3:

The ingredients are brownie mix and crumbled andes mints - yum!

Cook the brownies according to the box directions. About 5 minutes before they are "done", put the crumbled andes mints on top of the brownies and put the brownies back in the oven. That's it! You can leave the andes mints melted chunky or you can spread them around a bit but either way they are delicious!

Now onto some closet crafting I have been doing:

The scarf on the right is something I knit for my aunt. She doesn't know it, but she picked out the yarn! I saw her eyeing it at a trip to Joann's and went back that day to get it. I'm so sneaky! I mailed it off today and I'm so excited because she has no idea that it's coming! She doesn't even know I was working on it. Fun stuff!

The scarf on the left is a different version of this, more of a rag-style. It's headed (another surprise!) for a dear friend and mentor of mine that just moved cross country. I made sure to mention that it was a scarf (he he he) after this fiasco... But I do think I (sort of) figured out what was wrong with the yellow fabric. It was still obnoxious but after changing the thread tension whenever I was over that fabric (something I learned in my sewing class, you can find my teacher's blog here) it worked much better. Needless to say, the leftover yellow fabric is now in the trash.

ps. Could I have used any more parenthesis in this post? (Sorry about that.)

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