Thursday, January 29, 2009

Belly Laughs

Three started laughing today! I think I've mentioned that One is Three's absolute favorite. Even from day one, One's face was the one he would focus on the most. He'll smile at One's picture in his who-loves-baby book but just look at the others. Well, today One walks in the door and Three starts laughing! Completely out of the blue! It was the cutest thing ever! So One comes over and starts fake laughing himself and it just got Three going. These little giggles turned into shrieks and full out belly laughs. It was such a great moment.

And Three has also started touching my face. He spreads his little fingers out and puts them on my cheek and just looks at me.... It's like he's really looking at me for the first time. Of course, sometimes it feels like he's gouging my eye out - so we're still working on the aim. I am so in love!

Here's me and Three in the sling I finally fixed. My seam ripper hasn't got such a workout in quite a long time! But I needed to exchange the rings I started with for bigger ones and now it's so much easier to adjust. I got these rings at ACE hard wear but this is a much better deal (even considering shipping). I LOVE LOVE the fabric but what a bad angle to take a picture! Ugh. Please forgive me. I couldn't get the fabric in the picture otherwise (although I certainly looked much better! )

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