Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Howdy buckaroos!

Three has had a rash for awhile from The Drool. I haven't been able to keep it under control by covering it with vaseline (my all-time favorite baby product, btw) and the bibs I have are so big, every time Three waves his arms around, he flips them up over his face. My doctor said "make your own!" Ummm, hello? Why didn't I think of this?

I cut off a piece of this cute towel to the size I wanted it and then zig-zag stitched the raw edges. This is a pretty amazing feat for me considering I only ever sew in straight lines! Then I sewed some ribbon onto some suspender clips that I had leftover from when I made these (not that Three ended up needing them -bummer!-) and voila!

I eyeballed everything and I think the ribbon's a bit too long but that can be easily fixed. I also folded the bib over in a triangle when I put it on and I think it makes it look like a bandana the cowboys wear. Super cute! One wanted in on this picture. How could I resist?

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