Friday, January 30, 2009

Happy Birthday!

I saw this on someone else's blog. I cannot remember who, but I just need to say that I took this exact design from someone else (although I did add the initial). It was my first time using interfacing and applique-ish type techniques but it turned out pretty well I think! I ended up using a shirt with a small design on it because there were no solid t-shirts. But with some strategic placing of the petals, it was back to a plain slate. This is a shirt for a little girl down the street. Her dad and DaddyMan are co-workers, so although we aren't technically "friends", the fact that they live four houses away means we got invited to her 2nd birthday party. They also just had another little girl a month ago. I haven't seen her yet but of course I'm making her a matching onesie! I hope to have that done tomorrow but for now, I think this is really cute!

ps. I delivered a freezer meal and gift to my friend today! That one is officially scratched off my list. Finally!

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