Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Brightening my world

How easy do you think it is for me to find my phone in my big black-hole-of-a-purse when it's ringing and I'm in the middle of a group of people wishing I had picked a different ringtone or least not chosen to have it ring so loud that I really, really try to get to it quickly? Not easy at all! I've gone into the phone store looking for a different cover but all they have are little rubber edges (don't you love my technical lingo?) to put on it. But then it wouldn't fit in its case and oh yeah, did I mention they're like 30 bucks? What's a girl to do?

Welllllllllllll, this girl took a new look at the leftovers of the used-to-be-tights-but-are-now-legwarmers from the other day and went, ah ha! I sewed a little cozy out of one of the hips of the tights and I love it!

Who's gonna answer her phone a little bit faster from now on? Now about that ringtone....

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