Monday, January 19, 2009

the "lellow" un-80's

If you know anything about Two, you probably know her favorite color is LELLOW!!! For a surprising two years now! Did I tell you she's not even 4? We're talking half of her life here. Amazing. Not so long ago I saw a tutorial for a pillowcase skirt and at a recent trip to my favorite store (Goodwill, you really should know that), you know I was looking through the pillowcases. Well, how could I pass up a yellow pillowcase? You know I couldn't! So today, this pillowcase became a cute skirt. And....for the big finish.....a too short pair of tights (a la Target-a-few-years-ago), became....wait for it....leg warmers! Oh my! Two loves them! A little girl in her ballet class wore leg warmers last week and that was that! She had to have some.

I have a sweater that I had planned on chopping up to make her leg warmers (yellow, of course) but as I was going through old clothes to pass on, I came upon these 24 mos tights. It was an ah-ha moment, I tell you! Of course all leg warmers are easy to make, but my big concern was how I'd make them stay up. With old tights, it was perfect! And best of all, these didn't fray! I don't promise that with all knit tights, so make sure you test first, but cutting up tights and then you're done? I'm not sure it could get any easier!

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