Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Keep 'em coming

Nothing new for today. I did make another bib. Only half as long as yesterdays and so much cuter because of it. Tonight I plan on working on this some more. It is slow going. The shower is Sunday and it's not looking like I'm going to make it. Sooo, rather than trying to do a new craft today, I'll stick with the blanket and instead list a few things I have on my list...

*I found the perfect dark gray/green sweater at goodwill yesterday that is soon destined to be this.

*For the next child's birthday party or maybe for our babysitter that's heading off to college next year, I have this in mind.

*End-of-the-year teacher's gift, perhaps? Perfect to attach a gift card to.

*My aunt is coming to visit next week. This might be a fun craft to do together that would be a great present for her two sweet grandbabies who live a plane-ride away.

*I found a great body pillowcase cover of large purple, fushia, and pink circles that will one day be this and probably this too!

*And finally, I made a wedding quilt for me and DaddyMan, yes, many years ago. Like most big projects in my life, it is still unfinished. Well, the top is (HAND)pieced together and I had begun quilting it. After almost 8 years of marriage and not one day of it occuring with our wedding quilt on our bed, I have decided to rip out the little bit of quilting I had begun...quilt the top directly onto a piece of muslin, and turn the whole thing into a duvet cover. Can't wait!

However, none of these, or any of the other 100 bookmarks I have in my "crafty stuff" folder will happen until I finish knitting the blanket.


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