Friday, January 9, 2009

Flashlight Friday

My kids love flashlights. Always. They have received several as gifts over the years because they love them so much....and also as our attempt to keep them away from ours. :o) After school the other day, One got out his flashlight from Christmas and turned off some lights and closed the curtains and was playing with the light. Now, it was broad daylight so it wasn't overly fantastic but he didn't know that. However, it got me thinking about how we could really make it work and -voila!- Flashlight Friday!

The kids and DaddyMan made sure everything was put away before we started dinner, and then afterwards, we turned off all the lights, closed all the curtains, and the fun started!

Here are the kids running down the hall:

Here's One:

And here's poor Two, who couldn't stand still if her life depended on it:
Of course there was some hide-and-seek going on and an impromptu scavenger hunt (followed by putting the item away! I'm patting myself on the back for that one!). Even some flashlight tag on the wall. They had so much fun. We could also play games by flashlight or read stories by flashlight. The possibilities are endless! We were newbies tonight so we just let them run around for 10 min or so and then turned all the lights back on and got ready for bed but oh! This could get so fun! I'm hoping this one will stick around for awhile!

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