Monday, January 12, 2009

The organization of me

I love getting things organized. You might not know it by looking at my house, but I am just one person following behind several other people. It is a lost cause, I know, but a girl can have aspirations.

I recently joined Oprah's ClutterCrew, where they say, if I follow their plan, my house will be organized and clutter-free in six months! I love it! This month's assignment is the bedrooms....exactly what I needed! One is really great at cleaning his room without assistance when I ask him to. Two, however, is another story. I'll ask her to put something away and she'll just run and chuck it in her room. We finally organized her room and, for now at least, everything has a place. It may not be in the right place, but at least it has an assigned place. Girls are so hard! There's the box for all barbie-related items. There's the doll house and doll-house items. There's the dress-up box. There's the parking spot for the doll stroller. And finally, there's a toy box for everything else that doesn't fit into any of those categories. Of course, it doesn't help that her room doubles as the nursery too.

Anyway, over the last few days, DaddyMan and I have been tackling our room. This is a huge job! The door to our room is the one door I close whenever people come over. Remember the bathroom re-do I talked about? Yeah, no one has seen it because they would have to walk through our room to see it! I took an embarassing amount of stuff to Goodwill but it just feels so good to get rid of stuff! This is something I'm working on but so far I don't regret anything I dropped off.

And tonight, just for myself (ahhhh, that doesn't happen very often anymore, but I'm trying....), I'm putting together a craft binder! You know, for those project idea papers that all the craft stores put out to get you to buy their merchandise? Or the cute ideas that you see in a magazine? (Like this one that I just got the perfect muffin tin for.) Or for my tons of bookmarked ideas I have on the computer? I printed them out and they're headed for the hole-punch next. Ohhh, it's sad how excited I am about this binder! It's a 3-ring binder with one accordian pocket for loose papers or project samples and it also zips closed so things won't fall out. And the amazing thing is, I found it at my favorite store, brand new and half-price, for just $1.50! Score! I've been envisioning it for awhile and am beyond excited to finally have it put together!

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